4 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2021
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4 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2021

In today’s modern home, the kitchen should be a place of inspiration; a room in the house dedicated to practicing culinary crafts, creating memories, and bringing families and loved ones together. In recent years, kitchen remodeling trends have attempted to reflect that emphasis on creativity and originality, in order to capture imaginations by creating truly breathtaking and innovative cooking and dining stations.

Most of the modern kitchen remodeling trends are intended to create a mood within the kitchen, focusing on specific functionalities, excess spacing, and daring visual displays that blend together to create the ultimate cooking and meal sharing experience. If you’re on the lookout for any designs or ideas intended to enhance your home and make cooking fun again, check out these four modern kitchen remodeling trends that are taking 2021 by storm!

Traditional, Yet Trailblazing

When we think of a traditional kitchen, it’s easy to conjure up images of a clean, crisp, and cozy cooking and dining area that’s not overwhelming, yet nothing to write home about. In 2021, a traditional kitchen blends nostalgic design and thematic elements with precise and personal details. Today’s traditional kitchen essentially boils down to consistency within the visual department, while spacing and functionality tend to be more emphasized.

A traditional kitchen remodeling job requires immense focus on the cabinetry, in which there are plenty of distinct and practical kitchen cabinet options to choose from, such as:

  • Shaker or flat cabinet door styles
  • Hutch or towering style cabinets
  • Pocket or sliding system cabinets
  • Corner and rotating cabinet designs
  • Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinet structures

With any of these kitchen cabinetry options plus hardwood flooring, accentuating backsplashes, and bold marble countertops, you can create a modest, traditional kitchen ambiance that’s every bit as stunning as it is functional.

2) Wide Open Spaces

No matter what type of chef you are, everyone can use a little space to flow more freely around the kitchen! Emphasizing space and room to comfortably work within has become a top priority for most kitchen remodeling projects in the past decade.

One of the most popular forms of freeing up space and creating a more breathable kitchen aesthetic is through suspended or elevated shelving options, which improve space and storing within the kitchen while looking and feeling like you’ve added an extra few cubic yards of room to work with. The more space and freedom to move you have to work with, the more inviting your kitchen remodeling project will look!

3) Island in the Sun

Nowadays, it almost feels like it’s mandatory to include a kitchen island in your home remodeling design plans. Kitchen islands offer a wide variety of interior design advantages to your kitchen, ranging from countertop dining options, to added dish or glassware storage, to providing ample workspace for any meal preparation work.

Whether you’re trying for a more lavish look with quartz or marble island-tops, or striving for a more earthy feel with granite or quartz, the island will serve as the focal and functional anchor to the blueprint of any kitchen remodeling design.

4) Beach Vacation Getaway

Imagine walking downstairs into your kitchen and feeling like you’re on a beach vacation getaway every time you set your eyes upon it! One of the biggest recent trends of kitchen remodeling ideas is incorporating more beach, oceanside visual elements into the kitchen, specifically through paint colors and backsplash aesthetics.

Shades of teal or baby blue will accentuate the look of a gorgeous, cloudless summer sky, overlooking your sparkling and illuminated kitchen island, cabinetry, and countertop. This is a kitchen remodeling theme that’s perfect for rooms with plenty of windows to incorporate heavy natural sunlight while you’re cooking the ultimate summer barbecue dinner!

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Designs for Your Minneapolis Home!

The bottom line is that every homeowner should have a kitchen that caters to their personality and culinary needs. If you’re looking for a local kitchen remodeling contractor to spruce up your Minneapolis home, TLC Remodeling is ready to bring your kitchen fantasies to life! Contact us today to get started on designing your very own custom kitchen remodeling project, or call us at (763) 241-8871 to speak directly with one of our home remodeling experts.

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