8 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Attic
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8 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Attic

For most people, when they think of their attic, turning it into a space other than storage might seem far-fetched. But the truth is, this is another area of usable square footage that can be transformed to enhance your home's function and raise the property value.

There are many options to explore for this type of home remodeling project, so let's consider our experts' most popular choices. 

1. Build a Studio

Creativity helps enhance individuals' lives, and if you or someone in your family are artists, having a quiet and clean area to create is necessary. The attic area is a perfect space to transform into a studio, and it may only require a deep cleaning, some new paint, and a few pieces of furniture to get the job done. 

For the photographer, making the space a dark room is an excellent choice, or if you enjoy painting, consider installing new windows for better lighting and a sink for easy cleanup.

2. Create a Library

A home library is another creative option; the attic is the perfect place for building a literary oasis. In most cases, book lovers run out of space in their homes, and all you may need to add is some shelving and a comfortable seat. 

You could also design a reading nook in the corner of the room or consider installing skylights to help ensure there's enough natural lighting in the space.

3. Add an Extra Bedroom

Extra bedrooms can always be beneficial, and if you have enough free space in the attic, this can be easily transformed into a guest area. If you need to do advanced renovations, you may want to consider working with a professional remodeling company and be sure to discuss the best way to insulate the walls and ensure proper ventilation.

4. Incorporate a Gym or Meditation Area

Regular exercise is essential, and whether you need an area to convert to a gym or turn into a meditation or yoga center, the attic can accommodate both of these. If you are considering renovating to add heavy equipment, you want to be sure the space is structurally sound and that you will have enough movement in the room for the workouts or stretch out on your yoga mat.

5. Design for Entertaining

If you spend a lot of time with your family or host friends and relatives frequently, the attic can be a perfect place to transform into a game room or lounge area. Simple additions, including high-quality floors, additional storage for games, and even a bar, can help create an aesthetic that promotes relaxation and fun.

6. Give Your Kids Extra Play Space

Anyone with children knows how critical it is for them to have extra space to be more physically active and explore their curiosity. Turning the attic space into a dedicated room with bright and compelling decor, open storage options for easy-to-find games and learning tools, and areas specifically for completing school projects or developing their imagination and skills combine play and learning for a full experience.

7. Make a Cozy Nook

For those who like to cuddle up, enjoy a good book, or simply need a place to have some privacy, the attic could be an excellent choice for creating a space with more freedom and privacy. Integrating comfortable couches, soft blankets, and even a small space for drinks and snacks can be a welcome addition that you can't wait to curl up in. 

8. Design a Spa Getaway

Spas can bring a sense of luxury and relaxation, and while the renovation might take more work than other options, creating an at-home spa can be a fantastic investment. Adding a large soaking tub, plush towels, floor-to-ceiling windows, and upgraded flooring can help create an unforgettable ambiance you will love having access to at the end of a long day.

TLC Remodeling Delivering Stunning Results With Every Project  

Your attic is a blank slate that can be transformed to help create a balance in your home and provide you with a space that can be utilized in any way you see fit. You need to work with a company that understands how to streamline renovations from new bathroom designs to flooring installation, and TLC Remodeling is a trusted name in Minnesota. 

Our Three P's design system includes a plan, price, and proposal to help take the guesswork out and produce results our clients are raving about.

Your unused attic space can be transformed by contacting our design experts, so contact us online or call us at 763-241-8871 today.

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