9 Bold Color Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

9 Bold Color Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Traditionally, white has been a go-to for many individuals in their kitchen spaces. Combined with colorful kitchen countertops, they can work well together. But this could become less than ideal after a while, especially if you are considering moving with the styles and trends of 2023.

Whether you are doing a full kitchen remodel or just an update, you need to know what other color options are available, so TLC Remodeling is here to give you some popular ideas for a fresh new look.

1. Go Bold With Black

When it is time to incorporate new colors with your kitchen remodel ideas, black is taking the stage as a new favorite. It offers a dramatic flair that can be an accent color or an entire kitchen section, and it complements well with other shades like gold and silver to give it a stunning look.

2. Keep It Earthy

Earthy tones are known for being comforting and warm and are considered a timeless choice for interior shades. They are based on the hues you would find in nature, and they can range from browns to sienna, making a versatile option that can be combined with many different accents beautifully.

3. Make the Room Pop With Red

While red might not be the first choice for many people if you are looking for a bold statement, this is one shade you don't want to pass up. Psychologically, it's a color that invokes passion and appetite, making it an ideal option for enhancing the space.

4. Consider Calming Greens

Green comes in a myriad of colors, and depending on the shade you are looking at, it could work well to highlight other features of the room or to be the primary color in the space. It's incredibly eye-catching, and for some people, it can evoke a feeling of creating an oasis or tropical aesthetic.

5. Get Motivated With Orange

Paint is one of the most significant and inexpensive ways to upgrade your kitchen, and when you need a shade that creates a natural pick-me-up, orange delivers. And if painting an entire room feels like too much, consider using it to accent areas like your backsplash, cabinetry, or island for a warm and welcoming burst of color.

6. Enhance Softness With Pastels

Pastel is traditionally known for colors used in bedrooms, particularly in the 50s. But, how they are used has changed over the years and has entered a space of sophistication that can make a unique statement for almost any area.

Pale colors offer a more expansive feeling in an airy ambiance while, at the same time, they are an easy color to utilize, so the rest of the kitchen equipment isn't overpowered by them.

7. Create Peace With Blues

Another color on this list you might want to consider is blue. Not only does it have a bold statement and attractive qualities, but it is also known for creating a calming effect that can offer more peace and serenity in the space.

8. Add Some Cheer With Yellow

Having a sunny ambiance can help inspire and spur creativity, and what’s a better place than your kitchen? While bright yellow can be bold, you can also pick more subtle hues like gold and mustard to reflect a cheerful ambiance, particularly when paired with deeper accent colors like blues.

9. Get Inspired by the Sea

If the ocean is a space that brings you peace and enjoyment, consider turquoise as a natural addition. From bright to pale, you can coordinate the paint with any popular countertop materials, fabrics, and cabinetry for a streamlined and eye-catching aesthetic.

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