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For any and all services related to kitchen cabinets, TLC Remodeling delivers exceptional results.

If you’re searching for the best in the Twin Cities, choose our highly trained contractors for:

  • Custom kitchen cabinets for Minnesota homes
  • Kitchen cabinet repairs and refinishing
  • Budget-friendly kitchen remodeling solutions
  • Fully custom design and installation process
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Why TLC Remodeling for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

As a family owned company, TLC Remodeling understands what it takes to create custom kitchen cabinets that our clients love. When you choose a home remodeler with over three decades of experience, you know you are getting a product built with true craftsmanship and care!

We specialize in multiple services and work hard to streamline your vision to create an interior space you can’t wait to show off.

What Do Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets Look Like?

Our three decades of craftsmanship have helped us streamline a planning process that requires three Ps.


We strive to work side by side with all of our clients, so there is no guessing on the status of the job.

Our primary concern is ensuring we meet your expectations, which is done through the planning process by keeping regular contact.


After we meet with you and create an outline based on your vision, we will provide a detailed presentation of all the steps. This details all the elements from design to the timeline for project completion.


The last thing we want is for you to feel lost in the details. Our main goal is to help you stay within your budget, so you will know before you get started the cost of each feature that you would like to include.

Options for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We want your kitchen to be functional and have an aesthetic you love, and with TLC Remodeling, we can make that happen!

You’ll get to choose from multiple cabinetry options ranging from flat door styles to sliding and corner cabinet designs that are bold and beautiful.

Kitchen Cabinet Restoration Services Near the Twin Cities

Whether you're looking for a cozy design or a modern finish, TLC Remodeling also specializes in the highest quality refinishes on the market. Let’s get your kitchen feeling new again!

Our highly trained team of experts can also assist you with any kitchen cabinet repairs that might be needed to help your home get back to a functional space.

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TLC Remodeling contractors work hard to provide a customized look that will enhance your living experience through comprehensive planning and our attention to detail. We take pride in serving the Twin Cities with everything from bathroom remodels to basement transformations.

To request a quote or send a question, contact us online or call 763-241-8871.