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Fully Custom Kitchen Backsplashes

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Our priority is to provide all our clients with affordable and streamlined craftsmanship that they can depend on through the years. TLC Remodeling is a local and family-owned company so contact us today for a new customized backsplash!

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Choose TLC Remodeling Install Your Kitchen Backsplash

Our family-owned company has been serving the Minnesota area for over three decades, focusing on commitment and providing kitchen remodeling experiences our clients can count on. We will help bring new beauty to your kitchen area with our dozens of material and color choices for your new backsplash so call us today at (763) 241-8871 to schedule your appointment.

Let Our "Three Ps" Program Be Your Guide

We understand the importance of leaving no questions unanswered for our clients, so we created our "Three Ps" process. This means that the Price, Proposal, and Plan are laid out clearly, so there is no question about your backsplash or home remodeling project. We work hard to streamline the process, so request your quote today.

Bring Out the Beauty of Your Kitchen With a New Backsplash

The backsplash is a central focus for the area because it makes the kitchen stand out from its ability to combine the color scheme in the room and highlight the design of the kitchen. And because TLC Remodeling is an expert in the field, we have a large variety of looks and designs you will love so we can custom make kitchen backsplashes that will fit your daily living needs.

Popular Options for Backsplashes

The most challenging part of getting the backsplash might be deciding which one you love the most between all our great options! Whether you are looking for a natural and simple design with a rustic backsplash made from natural stones and wood boards or a mosaic slate tile backsplash, we have you covered.

We also specialize in quartz backsplash, offering versatility and durability or a concrete variation to create a more edgy feel in the room.

Raise the Value of Your Home With a Stunning Backsplash

No matter what home remodeling decisions you make, it can all help increase the property's overall value, and installing a high-quality backsplash is no different. We take into consideration what your needs are so we can create a solution that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen while at the same time keeping your space functional and practical.

Protect Your Kitchen Walls

A well-designed backsplash does more than accent the beauty of your kitchen; it also helps protect the existing walls from damages that can occur while cooking and day-to-day living. And because you can get materials like quartz, titles, and ceramic, you are not only going to have a more durable option that will last, but they can also offer easier cleanup and maintenance.

Create the Home of Your Dreams With TLC Remodeling

Installing a new backsplash can bring your kitchen from outdated to extraordinary, and it does not matter what your home style is; we are experts when it comes to remodels. Our design team works with you through the process step-by-step so whether you want to start a basement remodel or need to add on a home addition in Minnesota, we know how to create a look you will love!

We want you to have a home you love, and a new backsplash is one option so let our expert designers help you by contacting us or calling at (763) 241-8871 today.