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TLC Remodeling has the interior design and home remodeling experience to transform your house with custom home additions!

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  • Three P’s: Plan, Proposal, Price (Our Design Process)
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Whether you want to extend or enhance a particular room of your home, or you’re looking to create an entirely new space that encompasses a specific feeling or function, TLC Remodeling is ready to tackle all your home addition design and installation needs! With over three decades of home remodeling experience, we’re your local Twin Cities source for all of your custom home addition design needs! From budget-friendly solutions to awe-inspiring interior design concepts, our goal is to provide you with the necessary resources to create the home you’ve always dreamt about! Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started on your custom home addition project.

Our Approach to Superior Home Addition Design

The essence of any home addition project is to identify how you wish to maximize a room or area’s functionality, appearance, and space. Room additions are ideal for creating more space for growing families, expanding upon current kitchen or bathroom layouts, or emphasizing gathering or lounge spaces to accommodate social settings. Whatever you envision for your home addition project, our team of experienced and skilled interior designers are eager to help you accomplish your new vision for your home!

As with all our other home remodeling projects, our design process consists of our Three P’s Method: Price, Proposal, and Plan. We’ll begin our home addition project by specifying your budgeting needs, generating a renovation timeline that adheres to any financial or scheduling requirements on your end. Once we’ve initiated a design outline that matches your pricing specifications, we’ll provide you with a personal proposal presentation that outlines every interior design and installation detail we intend to include. When you’ve signed off on our proposal, we’ll immediately put the plan into action, keeping you informed and updated throughout the entire installation process, until the very last detail is accounted for and completed.

You can see just how successful our Three P’s Design Process is by taking a look at some of our work with previous clients on past custom home addition projects!

Creative Solutions for Home Addition Ideas

The possibilities for home improvement are nearly infinite when you consider all the ideas for potential home addition projects! No matter what type of room you want to create or function you want a space to serve, TLC Remodeling is ready to get the creative juices flowing to bring your restoration visions come to life. Some custom room addition ideas we specialize in include:

  • Elaborate bathroom or kitchen extensions
  • Basement or living room add-on features
  • Home office or fitness center rooms
  • Second level additions or guest suite expansions
  • Intimate home theater or game room setups
  • Laundry or mud room enhancements and more!

We can’t wait to get started on upgrading your home with our custom room addition solutions! Be sure to check out our reviews to see just how satisfied our previous customers were with their home remodeling improvements.

Contact TLC Remodeling for Professional Home Addition Services

At TLC Remodeling, upgrading your home in any way possible is our expertise. We take pride in doing our best to create a more enriched living environment for you and your loved ones, and once our home remodeling project is finished, we’ll be even more proud to consider you a neighbor for life! Contact us today to request a quote, or give us a call at (763) 241-8871 to have all your home remodeling questions answered by one of our interior design professionals.