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Whole House

At TLC Remodeling, we know how important it is to maintain a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting home. Since 2003, we’ve made it our company’s mission to provide all of our Twin Cities and surrounding Minnesota neighbors with exceptional whole house remodeling services, and share our passion for creating enchanting shelters that will serve you and your family for many years to come. In addition to our professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, our whole house remodeling design and installation team specializes in a variety of interior renovation options, ranging from structural redesign, to main floor restoration, to flooring and painting solutions, and more! Contact us today to see how our whole house remodeling services can enhance your home.

Turn Your Home Into Something Special

Our whole home remodeling designs aim to incorporate a pleasing ambiance throughout multiple rooms of your house, based on your aesthetic preferences and requirements. Whether you’re looking to modify a room or two on the main or lower levels of your home or you’re aiming to undergo a massive renovation project featuring several rooms throughout your house, our team of interior design professionals have the vision, experience, and expertise to tackle any of your home remodeling tasks!

We pride ourselves on beginning all of our home remodeling projects with our Three P’s design process: Price, Proposal, and Plan. We’ll start off by reviewing your budgeting needs, taking the time to outline specific costs to custom interior design ideas, until we’ve reached an agreement on adhering to your financial and scheduling requirements. Next, we’ll lay out our creative design and installation goals through our personalized presentation proposal, sharing with you our ideas and timeline to provide the perfect home restoration project. Finally, we’ll put our plan in motion, with our whole home remodeling project only becoming complete until you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Be sure to check out our reviews to get a better idea of just how committed we are to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction!

Custom Whole Home Remodeling Ideas

When approaching a whole house remodeling project, you want to envision a distinct identity and purpose for each room you’re planning on restoring. You’ll need to consider the functionality of the space you’re considering renovating, whether it’s intended to be a gathering area for family and friends, an intimate oasis to relax and retreat to, or a room specifically designed for at-home working or creativity. Some popular, custom whole house remodeling ideas we specialize in include:


Basements tend to have the most potential when it comes to creating a uniquely inviting and functional space within your home. Our basement remodeling team can design and install a variety of intricate basement concepts, ranging from cozy home entertainment or lounge areas, family-friendly accommodations, studio or home office spaces, and more!

Mud Rooms

If you’re looking for a room to maximize functionality, storage, and appliance accommodation, installing a custom mud room design might be perfect to add-on to your home. This is the perfect area to host a laundry station, storage facilities, or an extended entryway, that’s ideal for creating a multi-purpose space.

Structural & Spacing Redesign

If the interior of your home could use some rethinking in terms of structure and spacing, we have the interior design prowess to create a more free-flowing, commodious environment, great for providing easier access into same-floor rooms.

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At TLC Remodeling, we take pride in providing our Twin Cities and surrounding Minnesota neighbors with the five-star home remodeling services they’re looking for. Professional whole house remodeling is what we do best, and we can’t wait to offer you our ideas and concepts to unlock your home’s true potential! Contact us today to get started on your personalized home remodeling proposal presentation, or give us a call at (763) 241-8871 to schedule an appointment.