Bathroom Vanities

Exceptional Bathroom Vanities from TLC Remodeling

Updating the vanity in your bathroom can add style and personality to the whole room. If you want to transform the space, updating the hardware, countertops, and paint can contribute to a fresh look, and TLC Remodeling can help complete this process. We are a locally trusted name in Minnesota so contact us for a new bathroom vanity you will love.

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Choose TLC For the Highest-Quality Bathroom Vanities

When you work with TLC, you are working with a company that won't stop until our clients are satisfied. We offer solutions like budget-friendly options and comprehensive planning because it's important to provide variety and opportunity for individuals to design the home of their dreams.

We utilize a program called the Three P's from start to finish that creates a streamlined process based on Price, Proposal, and Plan to fit our client's needs. This streamlined process helps our clients understand what it will take to complete the project, what the steps are, and it offers transparent pricing that they can count on. If you're ready to install a new master bathroom vanity, call us at (763) 241-8871 today.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Storage Space?

One of the biggest issues individuals have in their bathrooms is a lack of storage space. Everyday items that individuals will keep in the bathroom, like hair products and towels, can easily become cluttered if you don't have the right space. The experts at TLC Remodeling understand how frustrating this can be and have trained experts offering the highest quality services, so request a quote today.

Change Your Bathroom's Aesthetics with a New Vanity

If your bathroom is starting to look old or outdated, it might be time to upgrade. The latest trends and styles are always changing, so the room could be overdue for a new look. Even if you are in a newer bathroom and still not happy with its style, we can help. We have expert designers at our side to create a look that you will love.

Enhance Your Bathroom Vanity

Another common reason individuals choose to replace their bathroom vanities is that they get worn out from everyday use. Bathrooms are a high-traffic area and get used regularly. The items in them can break down more quickly than other features of the home. The water exposure can also cause damage to the material of the vanity, which will ultimately decrease its durability and longevity.

We offer exceptional services in decorative storage options; they come in many different materials, colors, and even various drawer options to create the perfect look.

TLC Remodeling: Creating Better Homes through Inspiration

When you want to create a distinctive style, call on TLC Remodeling to offer you innovative designs and functional results. We are a top-rated Minnesota home remodeling contractor specializing in home additions, and customized kitchen remodels inspired by design.

Don't wait to upgrade your bathroom with a new vanity; contact us online or call us at (763) 241-8871 to meet with one of our design consultants today!