Should You Include a Kitchen Island in Your Remodel?
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Should You Include a Kitchen Island in Your Remodel?

Kitchen islands can make a bold statement that offers functionality and a beautiful focal point in the room, but is it going to be a good fit for your home?

There is no question that it can help elevate the space, and with a few considerations TLC Remodeling has to offer, you can find the answer here.

Do You Have Room for It?

On average, you will need at least 42 inches of clearance on either side of the island, but the sizes can vary based on your needs. This is because these additions are typically used for working, and the more space, the better.

So, the main question is will it fit?

Where Is the Best Placement for It?

Do you have a specific focal point in the kitchen where you want the island to be the center? The island can help add some additional color, style, and functionality to the space, and if you incorporate stone or tile that contrasts with your cabinets, it can create a stunning aesthetic.

Is It in Your Budget?

Your budget will be another consideration. Every aspect of this installation will have a cost associated with it, including the countertop, cabinetry, and any other fixtures, sinks, or appliances you want to add to, which will add up..

What Features Do You Want?

You also need to understand your primary goal for installing an island, which means any features you choose will need to support this. Options like electrical outlets, running water, and even seating are just a few choices you can include in the design.

Why Are Kitchen Islands So Great?

Kitchen islands offer many advantages, including extra storage and counter space, a built-in eating area, and appliances or sinks. They can also be customized to have unique shapes and features that allow for more efficiency and functionality to help make your work and interactions easier.

What Are Their Drawbacks?

There are a few disadvantages, including that the kitchen may not be appropriate for one due to venting issues and wiring, limiting what can be included in the installation.

There are also possible issues with space in the room, and the installation can also be an expensive addition, especially if you are on a budget.

When You Need Expert Installation, Call the Professionals at TLC Remodeling

Adding an island to your kitchen comes with many benefits, and you need the best quality installation around, which is why you need TLC Remodeling on the job. Our team of experts has a streamlined process for all your home additions, including Three Ps: Plan, Proposal, and Price, customized for your needs.

Whether you are looking for bathroom remodel ideas or want to upgrade your kitchen space In Minnesota, our attention to detail shows in all our projects.

Our design experts are here to help create a bold look for your home, so message us online or call at 763-241-8871 to get started!

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