The 5 Steps in a Kitchen Flooring Remodel

The 5 Steps in a Kitchen Flooring Remodel

You spend a significant amount of time in your kitchen each day, meaning over the years, the floors will take a beating. Eventually, you will need an upgrade, and understanding the steps involved can help.

TLC Remodeling wants you to be confident in your new flooring installation investment, so we have listed these critical steps to consider for the job.

Determine the Budget

Installing a new kitchen floor is no small project, and the average cost can significantly depend on the materials and labor. The process can require a large amount of physical work because the cabinets may need to be moved, and certain materials are more challenging to install than others, so keep this in mind as you create your outline.

Choose a Flooring that Fits Your Lifestyle

What type of flooring material is right for your day-to-day living? Perhaps you want something that's more low maintenance and requires very little care, or maybe your biggest concern is aesthetics, and you want a stunning look.

In addition, if you have an active household with pets or small children, this will significantly impact the material. Always consider your needs and lifestyle before making your choice.

Prepare the Space

You will need to remove any items from the kitchen that might get in the way of laying down the flooring. It is highly recommended to remove all your kitchen supplies and be sure to hang up plastic sheets in the doorways because this renovation will stir up a lot of dust that can get into other areas of the house.

Remove Old Flooring

You can remove the old floor piece by piece by breaking it up into sections. You want to be sure to remove any grout on the subfloor; then, once it is completed, you will need to install a new underlayment before the upgraded material goes down.

Lay Down the New Material

The new material needs to be installed per the manufacturer's instructions. Depending on the flooring type, it can take hours to days to complete the project, especially if there is grouting because it needs to dry before you can use the space. You can then return all appliances, furniture, and items to their appropriate locations and enjoy your new flooring.

TLC Remodeling, Your Source for Beautiful Design

Installing new flooring in your kitchen can help create a radiant look to last through the years. When you work with TLC Remodeling, you get our specialized program called Three P's: Price, Proposal, and Plan.

This means that you will have a professional company at your side that will work with you to create a budget based on a customized proposal for any remodeling projects, from kitchen cabinet repairs to home additions in Minnesota.

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