5 Bathtub Styles & Options for Your Remodel

5 Bathtub Styles & Options for Your Remodel

The bathtub you choose is a centerpiece for your bathroom remodel, so you want to select the right one. Aesthetics, style, and function are all crucial, so if you are considering an upgrade from your old model, TLC Remodeling has five of the most luxurious options available!


Clawfoot, pedestal, and freestanding tubs are not attached to the walls in the bathroom, so they are all individual units directly on the floor. Some pedestal variations sit on top of a platform to help add some height, whereas clawfoot tubs have feet attached to raise them off the ground. They make a bold statement and have a dramatic and stylish appearance, making them a pinnacle for luxury.


Alcove bathtubs are the most common types and are traditionally recessed and surrounded by three walls. This tub style does not require a large bathroom, and part of the popularity is because they are easy to get in and out of. They offer many combinations, including shower and tub but have fewer options for unique shapes.


Walk-in tubs are intended to create ease when entering and exiting, and they are built with a door on the side that opens and closes. These units are typically larger than the average size and can offer more independence for individuals who may need them. They range from soaker options to hydrotherapy, and the installation doesn't typically require a lot of construction or renovation.


These tubs are precisely what the name says and are typically three or five-sided but can be designed for specific sizes, shapes, and configurations. This option frees up more space and can create room in the area because they can be made to fit odd angles. Traditionally they will have some form of deck space, meaning more room for items like books, decorations, or music devices to help you relax. 


Undermount tubs are popular because they help create a look of luxury and a spa-style soaking environment. What makes them unique is the undermount feature with a flat basin that helps connect the deck's surface directly to the tub. There's no limit on the sizing available because they can be custom-made and come with extra features such as jets, speakers, and handheld shower heads for convenience.

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Part of creating a unique aesthetic and stylish flair for your bathroom includes installing a new bathtub. And whether you are looking for a soaker model or want to improve your living space through home additions, TLC Remodeling can help. Our Minnesota home remodeling contractors are experts with a proven system based on the Three Ps, Plan, Proposal, and Price, to create a streamlined solution for you.   

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