How to Increase Your Property Value with a Whole House Remodel

How to Increase Your Property Value with a Whole House Remodel

Regardless of when you are planning on selling your home, designing an exterior or interior remodel with a high ROI is the best way to go. Any money you put towards your home needs to increase efficiency and value, so when you sell, you recoup your investment.

There are so many attractive improvements that can help improve your overall property value, so we have a list of the expert's top recommendations.

Bathroom Upgrades

Upgrading your bathroom may include new flooring or updating areas like sinks, showers, baths, or toilets. Investing in new tiling, adding an open shower, and replacing any hardware are just a few ways to enhance the space and can offer you an ROI of an estimated 56.2 percent.

Smart Home Technology

Innovative solutions are the future for homes, and more homeowners are beginning to embrace gadgets that help integrate options to help offer enhanced functionality and security. From smart thermostats to windows sensors and water-saving showers and faucets, these are just a few choices that can help improve the home and bring you a larger return on investment when you sell.

New Flooring

Your flooring takes up the majority of square footing in your home and helps improve the overall appearance and value. And not only adds consistency but helps contrast between the different textures and colors in the room to create a stunning look.

Hardwood flooring will get you the largest ROI, but you also want to choose colors and materials that will fit your home's overall style, so a laminate or granite might be a better option.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

When people look to purchase a home, having energy-efficient appliances and upgrades can be the difference between buying your house and someone else's. So, investing in options to help lower energy costs, like Energy Star windows, updating HVAC systems, or investing in a new roof for extra insulation properties, can contribute to a higher value in the property.

Revitalization With Paint

Adding a new coat of paint is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to boost the home's value. If the property has peeling, chipped, or faded paint, this can send the message that your house is not being maintained and will influence potential buyers.

In addition, it is listed as one of the most common home improvements, offering anywhere between an ROI of up to 107% for the interior and 55% for the exterior.

Add in New Decking

Decking is essential for the property's interior and exterior because it creates a practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space outside the home. The deck is considered an extension of the living space, and adding one can help increase the project's overall value by up to 63.2% or more.

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