4 Luxurious Shower Upgrades: From Rainfall Showers to Steam Systems

4 Luxurious Shower Upgrades: From Rainfall Showers to Steam Systems

From upgraded shower head systems to luxurious steams, enhancing your shower experience can turn your bathroom into an oasis you can't wait to slip into. Extravagant details create the perfect mix of ambiance and relaxation, and it all starts with a little inspiration.

If you are ready to spruce up your shower space, the TLC Remodeling team is here with all you need to know about luxury shower upgrades you don't want to pass up!

Expand Your Shower Space

If you are still living with a shower/tub combination and want to create a truly luxurious experience for your bathroom remodel, incorporating a walk-in design can be the way to go. Removing the curb underneath the shower door creates a seamless entry point, and installing glass doors fosters a modern and contemporary style that is easy to maintain.

Deeper Relaxation With Steam Systems

Steam showers are a fantastic way to have a spa experience without leaving home. The design creates a high humidity and hot environment perfect for pre or post-workouts, stress reduction, and detoxification to help you feel best. Plus, most options have a digital control system that allows you to choose the amount of steam and heat for an enhanced spa-like environment.

Enhance Your Shower Head

Shower heads have changed, and the demand has moved into focusing on deep relaxation and customization. A luxury shower head can keep you looking forward to starting your morning or enhancing your relaxation after a long work day. 

There are many styles and designs, and if you're looking for full coverage combined with a modern and sleek look, rain shower heads give you the sensation of being fully submerged in natural rainfall.

If anyone in your family is a techie, smart shower heads offer all the luxury of an upgraded design but are controlled via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The system allows the user to set specific settings like temperature, water flow rate, timers, and waterproof speakers for a unique shower experience to set the mood with any favorite customization options.

Add in a Bench Seat

Shower benches serve multiple purposes and have been proven to be a valuable addition for enhanced convenience, safety, and function. They expand the benefits of the space and provide a secure place to sit for shaving or enjoying a shower steam.

Their unique accent also enhances the design of your bathroom because they come in a wide array of styles and aesthetics, helping your shower space feel like a luxury experience every time you step into it.

Luxury Bathroom Remodels in the Twin Cities  

In our busy world, finding more ways to incorporate relaxation into your day can help you stay focused and perform better in your daily tasks.

Remodeling your shower is an excellent option to help foster, and when you need professional bathroom remodeling in Minneapolis, TLC Remodeling offers customized design through our Three P's Process, plan, proposal, and price to give you results you will love!

Our team is here to answer all your questions, and we would love to help you start designing your luxury shower today, so call us at 763-241-8871 or message us online today.