Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Eco-Friendly Materials and Energy-Efficient Appliances

Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Eco-Friendly Materials and Energy-Efficient Appliances

Whether your kitchen is outdated or looking to create a more sustainable space, it's important to find the most environmentally friendly options available.

Whether you're looking for trendy and modern designs or a timeless and rustic feel, there are many ways to accommodate this and still choose environmentally friendly options. Implementing energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly materials is a great starting place, and here is a list of our expert's favorites.

Incorporating Green Materials

Sustainability is about creating something that will be long-lasting, and when kitchens are frequently torn down and rebuilt, this does not contribute to this mindset. Thinking long-term is the first step to being more sustainable, and choose responsibly sourced flooring material, like bamboo, cork, or hardwood, to enhance that natural feeling, or invest in recycled tiles for a stunning finish.

Repurposed wood is an excellent choice for countertops and cabinets for a rustic design, or consider recycled glass for a unique finish that can last for decades. Stainless steel is a low-maintenance and durable option for a sleek and modern look, and because it's 65-100% recycled, it’s the perfect eco-friendly addition for your remodel. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere, so consider visiting your local recycling hardware centers. These companies take donated construction materials from tear-downs and remodels and, in exchange, charge a lower rate to encourage being eco-friendly as a way of life. 

Focusing on Energy-Efficiency 

Sustainability isn't just stopping at the type of materials you choose; it also shows up in the appliances you have in your home. Even replacing an older traditional refrigerator with an Energy-Star can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 8200 pounds over five years, equivalent to driving over 9300 miles in a car.

Energy-Star dishwashers are 12% more efficient than other models, and eco-friendly ranges use 15% less power than the traditional electric coil. Smaller appliances like microwaves and air fryers are also included because they can accomplish almost everything a stove or oven can with half the amount of power. 

Adding touch-free faucets to reduce water waste and LED bulbs with automatic or programmable sensors for up to 90% more efficiency each month can put more money in your pocket and let you support the environment simultaneously! 

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