Exploring Tile Trends for Bathroom Remodeling: Patterns, Colors, & Textures

Exploring Tile Trends for Bathroom Remodeling: Patterns, Colors, & Textures

Unique bathroom styles start by incorporating spa-like accents and great aesthetics with beautiful tiling. Bathroom tiling is trending because it can bring the space to life, and more often now, homeowners are more adventurous in creating a bathroom that feels unique to their style.

Creating an inspirational bathroom space starts with knowing the trends for tile textures, patterns, and colors, and we have our favorites listed here for you! 

Slats and Ribbons

Long and skinny tiles are also referred to as slabs or ribbons and are one of the biggest bathroom trends. This design has multiple aesthetics, helping you enhance the space by giving it an extra touch of unique flair. Consider incorporating them in a way that creates a 3D look, place them between larger tiles, or even inside mosaics for a stunning finish.

Add in Some Angles

Geometric shapes have a classic feel and can be paired with other features like wood grain to create a gorgeous design. From triangles to hexagons, they offer a dramatic vibe that can create an intriguing look and give you endless opportunities for a dimensional approach.

Create a Grid

While square tiles are a traditional choice, retro-style 4x4 tiling in a grid pattern is trending because they offer a nostalgic feel without being too traditional. To help enhance these, designers are now adding high-contrast grout in between to help the tiles pop out even more, creating a new approach to a classic look.

Go for Dramatic Shades

Self-expression also includes color schemes, and designers are looking at vivid options and monochrome palettes. Pairing reds, deep blues, and blacks with lighter accents in the flooring or shower space creates a unique visual approach, with additional dimension and texture that reflect your style more deeply.

Mimic Unique Textures

Choosing the right textures also contributes to unique contrasts that allow you to play with color and design more effectively. Consider incorporating porcelain tiles with curves and polished surfaces, ceramics that can create multidimensional designs, or mimic the look of brick for unexpected textural aesthetics to bring the space to life with a natural-looking style.

TLC Remodeling: Brilliant Design and Expert Finishes 

Creating a gorgeous bathroom space means implementing colors, patterns, and textures that will reflect your style, and when you need professional design, TLC Remodeling can help transform your space. Our company is family-owned, and we have over two decades of home remodeling experience to help you create the perfect finish.

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