Small Kitchen, Big Style: 4 Tips for Remodeling a Compact Cooking Space

Small Kitchen, Big Style: 4 Tips for Remodeling a Compact Cooking Space

With urban areas expanding, the need for functional and smaller kitchen spaces is in demand. From minimalist designs to custom creations, creating a multifunction space that allows cooking, homework, and daily tasks can be easily accomplished by checking out the latest trends and incorporating customized planning.

Optimizing the space starts with unique design ideas, and here’s how to get started!

Consider Your Storage Needs

Anyone with a compact kitchen knows how critical storage is, and your cabinets are a central element in creating effective solutions that support organizing. Incorporating small shelves inside cabinets and under sinks can help increase your capacity.

Add pullout shelves with an adjustable base or divide the cabinets to accommodate tall and thinner items like cookie and muffin trays to cut back on needing wider storage options.  

Maximize Countertop Use

For the busy household, every inch of your countertop space matters. Clutter can build up if left unchecked, so minimizing the number of items to only what is needed will optimize the use. Incorporate hideaway designs that slide out from under the counter when needed, or invest in a small island that can be easily stashed in a storage area.

Choose Easy Maintenance Flooring 

You want your kitchen floor to be comfortable, flat, and easy to navigate. Simplicity is critical in small spaces, so adding durable materials that are easy to maintain creates a viable and low-maintenance option.

Materials like vinyl, ceramic tile, and hardwood are popular options in a wide array of colors and designs, giving you an easy-to-care-for material with beautiful aesthetics.

Incorporate Lighter Colors

Lighter colors can help you expand the space visually; the lighter the kitchen, the larger it feels. Adding simple palettes helps the area feel more open, and complimenting this with glossier surfaces or fewer seams creates a solid foundation that will welcome varied color schemes with appliances and décor.

White backsplashes and accent lighting provide an additional feeling of spaciousness, resulting in a clean and welcoming style.

Expert Kitchen Remodels in the Twin Cities

Remodeling your compact kitchen space requires streamlining your needs and finding the right design to help you create a functional and effective space you will love, and TLC Remodeling delivers! As a family-owned company, we work hard to provide exceptional and stunning results, from installing flooring to custom kitchen countertops.

No matter the size of your project, our expert contractors deliver exceptional results; message us online or give us a call at 763-241-8871 to schedule your appointment today.