High-End Bathroom Remodeling: Creating a Spa-Like Retreat at Home

High-End Bathroom Remodeling: Creating a Spa-Like Retreat at Home

If you're dealing with a drab or outdated bathroom and need a new look, you might be considering an upgrade. Getting that sheik and luxurious vibe in your bathroom simply comes down to pinpointing what feels right.

The TLC Remodeling team are experts in creating high-end bathrooms, so let's check out some of our favorite designs below!

Open and Inspirational Shelving

While open shelving is not a new trend, it stayed popular because it creates an impactful design and adds functionality and an element of openness and expansion. It offers greater flexibility and can be an excellent choice to display items like greenery, candles, or diffusers to help enhance the spa feeling.

Enhance Your Shower Space

If your shower looks less than appealing, consider adding it to the remodel. High-end designs can include benches for relaxing or more surface space, and when combined with single or multiple smart shower heads that connect to Bluetooth, you can set the mood with music or enjoy a massage after a long day.

Clutter Free with Custom Cabinets and Vanities

Having your items stored appropriately in a designated space can add to the feeling of luxury because you're not bombarded by clutter on your counter. Even if you don't have many essentials, they still need to be properly stored, and incorporating custom cabinets and vanities can create an elegant and simple design that adds a touch of luxury and undeniable style.

Create a Centerpiece with a Soaking Tub

For some, sinking in and soaking helps relieve their body of tension and induces relaxation. The bathtub standard has changed, and soaking tubs are taking the stage. From minimalist styles with streamlined edges to free-standing jetted soakers, smart options are now available to set the water depth and preferred temperature for a hands-free, high-end experience.

Upgrade Old Dispensers 

Spas are notorious for having dispensers with items like lotions and shampoos available at your fingertips. Updating outdated dispensers with touch-free replacements can add an air of luxury, improve the aesthetics, and enhance your experience with more ease. 

TLC Remodeling: Your Custom Bathroom Design Experts 

From tasteful vanities to smart technology, the designs are limitless, and investing in a bathroom remodel can give you the experience of a spa day anytime. Streamline design starts with expert results, and when you're looking for a family-owned and operated remodeling company in Golden Valley, TLC Remodeling delivers exceptional services with every project. 

Turn your home or bathroom into a space of luxury with our design team by calling us at 763-241-8871 or messaging us online to schedule an appointment.