How to Maximize Storage With Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

How to Maximize Storage With Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom remodels are one of the top ways to increase functionality and property value, and if you're living with a smaller design and looking for more storage space, you might be wondering how to maximize the area you have. 

Finding ways to fit all must-haves like bathroom toiletries and leaving room for personal touches like candles or plants can be accomplished with the right high-end design, so let's get started below!

Install Recessed Cabinetry

Every inch of space counts in your bathroom, and installing a recessed cabinet decreases the amount of shelving, giving the space a more attractive aesthetic and increasing storage capacity. The cabinets come in a wide variety of designs to help match the bathroom and can even create visual interest for rooms that need a boost of style. 

Increase Open Shelving

Open shelving is trending for 2023 and for many good reasons. From a minimalistic design to less use of materials, they offer an inexpensive storage option to hold smaller items like lotions, makeup, or hand towels. From rustic wicker baskets to contemporary marble and brass, this option can complement the space and keep everyday products while reducing the need for bulky full-size cabinetry.

Make the Most of Vanity Drawers

Maximizing storage can come from overlooked spaces, and using your under-sink area could be a great option to help accommodate as a primary storage area. Keeping everyday items like soaps, paper products, and bath towels can help make the most of your space for a cohesive and efficient storage solution. 

Invest in a Shower Niche 

Whether you are renovating your shower or investing in a spa-style model, adding in a niche can make it more modern and increase its versatility by cutting down on clutter on the exterior and floor of your shower. Many styles, including prefabricated and custom-built options, can be incorporated into corners and walls for a more efficient bathroom storage solution.

Bring Your Bathroom Remodel to Life with TLC Remodeling 

Using effective organization and minimizing what needs to be stored after your bathroom remodel will help you maximize the space in the room, and working with an expert in design for your remodel can help.

TLC Remodeling has a passion for design, and our family-owned company has over three decades of experience in Minnesota home remodeling that you can depend on!

If you're looking for customized storage solutions for your bathroom, give us a call at 763-241-8871 or message us online to set up your appointment today.